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Pictorial look at Sydney Harbour!


This photo courtesy of City of Sydney and first light photography

Sydney loves to party and the world loves to

watch.  Sydney's greatest party is its New

Years Eve  celebration which attracts more

than one million people to the foreshores

of the harbour and more than 600 million

watching world wide.

Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world!


It is known for it's Opera House, its magnificent arch bridge and its fireworks.


The Sydney Opera House is considered to be one of the great architectural masterpieces of the world, and together with the Harbour Bridge, is an instantly recognisable icon.

Built on Bennelong Point adjacent to Farm Cove and Circular Quay, the Opera House was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, and was opened on 20 October 1973.


The building houses a theatre, restaurants, cinema and shops, and guided tours are provided. A daily sight are the many lunchtime joggers running up and down the steps that lead around the building.

The sail-like roofs of the Opera House are a major feat of engineering. and are covered with over a million ceramic tiles from Sweden. They weigh over 160,000 tons and are held together by over 350 km of tensioned steel cables.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's most well known and photographed landmarks. It is the world's largest (but not the longest) steel arch bridge with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour.


Fondly known by the locals as the 'Coathanger', the Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrated its 70th birthday in 2002, with its official opening in March 1932.



The Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its night-time glory!




The Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its night-time glory II!




The face of Lunar Park looks over the Sydney Harbour like a centennal!




Cockle Bay, adjoining Sydney Harbour is a picturesque place, especially at night,

when cruise boats come and go with their passengers. This is one of them preparing

to berth and unload passengers after an evening of entertainment & food





The Boardwalk of Cockle Bay. On the right are Bars and Restaurants and on the left are the wharves. In the distance you can make out the Sydney Ballroom, a pleasure cruise ship moored.





Harbour Ballroom...A floating entertainment venue that seats more than 300 guests

whilst sailing around Sydney Harbour




Sydney Opera House - Front View




Sydney Opera House with City Background




Sydney Harbour with Bridge and Opera House looking around to Circular Quay




Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and ferries leaving




It's amazing the different colours of the harbour on different days!




International Passenger Terminal & Sydney Harbour Bridge




The City of Sydney looks small and compact from Cremorne Point




Fort Denison, a Martello Tower was built to defend Sydney against a possible attack by Russian warships, which never eventuated. Built from 8,000 tonnes of sandstone quarried near Kurraba Point,

Neutral Bay, it was named after Sir William Denison, then Governor of New South Wales. By the time the fort was completed, it was redundant.




The city looks stunning from any angle but from Taronga Zoo

the skyline takes on its most impressive view!




A parasurfer takes to the surf off one of the beautiful Sydney beaches





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David Bailey

Master English photographer, 1938+

More Photos of Sydney


The following photos and more

of Sydney Harbour can be seen



City Lights at night


Fireworks light up the harbour for

one of the cruises


Sydney-siders love fireworks and

there is no better setting than

Sydney Harbour


One of the many bars that adorn

the foreshores of Cockle Bay


Opera House and

Sydney Harbour Bridge


This is the "disco ball" that was used in the 2005 new year fireworks celebration.  It is suspended from the Sydney Harbour bridge


One of the huge towers that form the ends of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It rises more than 89 metres above sea level.


The city at night looking across the

Harbour is almost magical


Opera House at night


This is the view of the city from

a beach below Taronga Zoo



The following photos and more

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The buskers abound around Circular Quay. This aborigine is playing a didgeridoo, a traditional Australian native instrument.


Sydney is always busy and night

time is no exception. Hundreds of

cars cross the Sydney Harbour

Bridge every few minutes...even

at night time.


The Bridge stands gaunt against the

flurry of cars crossing over her.


Lunar Parks Big face looks over

Sydney Harbour and the

Harbour Bridge


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One of the northern beaches of

Sydney - host to the worlds surfers


Northern Sydney Beach at sunset


North Sydney Beach approaching



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of Cumberland Forest

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Banksia Spinulosa


Flowering Pink Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Winter Wattle


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of Taronga Zoo

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Asian Tiger


Snow Leopard


Masai Mara Lion


Adult Fur Seal


Large Chameleon


Female Chimpanzee with son


The following photos and more

of Sydney's Butterflies

can be seen here!


Nacaduba berenice


Psychonotis caelius (Danis taygetus)




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