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Pictorial look at the Eloura Bushland!


This unique bushland is right in the middle of

thriving suburbia. It preserves some of the

original bushland and semi rainforest areas of

ancient Australia!


This photo depicts an idyllic pool with moss

laden rocks and trees covering this perfect

hideaway. Native reptiles, birds, animals and

insects inhabit this area.

The Eloura Bushland is situated approximately 28 kilometres from Central Sydney on Sydney's Upper North Shore. "Eloura" is an Aboriginal word meaning "Pleasant place".  


It is bordered by the suburbs of Thornleigh, Normanhurst, Westleigh and Hornsby.  It is noted for its flora and fauna and a part of the famous Great North Walk called the "Benowie Track" meanders through this forest on its way to Newcastle.


Entry to the Great North Walk is via Thornleigh or Hornsby Railway Station and from Thornleigh is a short work to the end of Morgan Street (7/10 of a kilometre).


There are plants of National/State significance in the Eloura Bushland, a natural (remnant) bushland. It has some specimens of rare and endangered species such as the green and gold bell frog and a native tortoise , but there is also a lot of noxious plants and weeds which have infiltrated from adjoining properties.

It would be a most significant wild-life corridor, habitat and nature reserve if better decisions had been made on the management of adjoining waterways, creeks and their tributaries.


It is wonderful to see that many adjoining landholders have developed a sense of environmental ownership and responsibility, and are doing so much invaluable work towards restoration.  Hornsby Council has also started putting management plans into action to eradicate the noxious weeds and to plant and encourage the re-growth of native vegetation.






These photos show some of the diversity of in the Eloura Bushland. The tracks are a part of the natural architecture of the bush. Waterfalls, caves, creek-beds and tree roots seeking water are all a part of the natural wonder of this area.  More photos inside!




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Ernst Haas

Photographer (1921-1986)



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Animals are also a big part of the Eloura Bushland, especially the possums.  This female Brushtail Possum has a single baby in her pouch and lives in close proximity to humans.



Frogs are another feature of the Eloura Bushland.  Frogs tell us that the environment is healthy.